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YourTilde.com FaQ

Is YourTilde.com FREE

Yes YourTilde.com is very much Free. You can keep your wallet in your pocket, I promise ;)

Why but why?

There is just something wonderful the text based applications. And having a social platform based in a text based world is just great.

What features are offered by YourTilde?

  • Linux shell access using SSH.
  • Internet email with clients such as: alpine, and webmail
  • Browse the internet with text mode browsers such as: links, w3m, and lynx.
  • IRC Chat. Including full set of IRC Services.
  • USENET Access.
  • Free web site hosting including support for PHP.
  • Lots of text based games with more added all the time
  • VPN access available to give users access to internal services such as IRC without signing on to SSH"
  • Development environment supporting many languages, compilers, editors, interpreters and tools.

What operating system does YourTilde run?

We run a version of CentOS.

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