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~~~Welcome to Olde Timey Tilde.club Web Page~~~~

Hello. Just doing some stuff. Mostly silly stuff. Mostly.
To be honest I have no idea what I'm doing.

One evening I was in the right place at the right time and saw ~ford talking about a club he was making on an Amazon server.
You are observing the result of that luck.

I want to grow up to be a writer. If you know someone who needs such a character, by all means let me know.

I'm not an actual Monk.
Not yet.

I'm on Twitter Check out my balls.

And if you want to go on an Adventure, click here.
It's not complete, probably never will be, so be nice.
And patient.
And no cheating.

October 27, 2014

Trying to think of ideas that are either "an issue of global importance— or local stories of global interest" is tough.

October 22, 2014

It seems that the ~ excitment has dies down a tad. Which is a shame in my book. But not a bad thing at all.
People will either go on doing their thing or they won't. There will be more websites.

I haven't edited anything in a few days, which upsets me. Always with the picking things up and putting them back down. Repeatedly creating is hard. Constantlycreating is harder.

October 14, 2014

I went to a talk at the local college tonight about dark matter. It was as awesome as it sounds.
I think to believe and try to explain something as asinine as dark matter you have to be a little crazy. I believe in the stuff, so calling it asanine may be a misdirection.

The majority of physics is used to communicate how the world works. From a molecular level (particle physics) to a massive level (explaining we aren't actually the center of the universe).
And a lot of physics (from my liberal arts perspective, natch) deals with balance. The mathamatical side of it anyway. And a lot of our rules for this planet seem to work well.

So it goes, if these rules work well here, they must work well everywhere. Because why would the rules change?
They shouldn't. But for some reason, the things arne't balancing out.
So, A) Our rules don't work.
Or B)We are missing some important variable.

He was talking about things I find distracting and unimportant. Like we might not know what 97 percent of the universe consists of.
Sure, it might be right, but it's distracting. And we can't know anyway until we learn more. So the question I guess is why bother with that.

But isn't that what science consists of? Quanitification.
But it was a lot of fun, and the teacher was entertaining, which in my book is more important than the subject.

October 13, 2014

I spent all my rent money on student loans today, so that's all good fun.
My boss was telling me about the Government Loan Forgiveness thing, which I don't think I will believe with.

Something about it just seems so weird. Only pay the minimum, and then poof, gone.
I'm all for not having to pay any more, but there were a lot of logistics and blah blah blah. Only certain loans, certain requirments, etc.

The main thing that irked me was that you have to have 120 perfectly on-time payments. Which isn't a lot, but that's how they get you.
You miss one, and suddenly all those years of only paying the minimum catches up with you.


October 12, 2014

I took my girlfriend to the driving range (which is golf, just in case) this weekend. That was a lot of fun.
I must take my ability to hit a stupid little golf ball a semi-regular distance for granted. To be fair I have golfed an infinite percent more often than she.

I'm really glad that started to enjoy it after we got a few swings in. I thought that it was a fun date idea.
Taking someone to the driving range just to hit some stuff. Good or bad, it's a great way to take out some anger. A good connection even brought a smile or two.

Anyway. A silly update. But I would do it again in a second.


October 9, 2014

Some Thoughts On ~

There are some people here on ~ club who have been on the web a long time.
See: ~glennf + ~_ + ~quid + ~ford + ~gilest + ~capn + ~ironicans + ~emv + ~fitnr to name a few. Sorry if I made some assumptions there. Plus I know I missed a few.

I have not.
~ sites like this one reached their apparent peak in the mid-90s. At which point I was five. Or six or seven, depending. I think, under traditional circumstances this ~ page is actually "my first" webpage.

So that's interesting. I've had other profiles on other websites before; but like renting an apartment, a profile just takes up space until someone else comes along to claim your spot.

So I guess I missed the hayday of terminals and editing things through SSH and freaking out when things crash, as they have a tendancy to do.
And when you have almost no control over it, lest the system admin stays up for five hours to fix things.

I do remember my first few interactions with computers, to put things in perspective.
The first computer I ever saw was my mother's computer, a Win95 machine. She used it to do bookkeeping, but mostly to play Solitare and Minesweeper.

I had a floppy disk (I know right) of "Gumby Racing," and I never got it to work. I think it may have been too hardcore for our 4 mb (8 recommended) of memory.
So I'm actually not sure if it was a game or what. I may have had quite the gem on my hands.
Oh man. I was homeschooled, so I had to write some homework on the computer occasionally. I remember it said, "Please double space your work." My mom and I had no idea what that meant.
So we put two spaces in between every word.

Then we got another machine. Windows 98. Which was obviously quite the upgrade. I played a lot of JumpStart 4th Grade on that thing. <3
Since the beginning I always thougt (think) the internet was (is) magical.

We had AOL Dialup, and that was amazing. I don't miss it, but at the time it was great. Dial up, log on, hang out.
It was a time of "a/s/l?" in the chess game room. Or reading the news before it would be interrupted with cat GIFs and H1 listicles.

I was prety much as involved as I could be from the start. I learned what HTML was and would Hello World the crap out of that.
I helped my dad add a sweet G of RAM when he would buy some. I went with him to Circuit City every time I could. It was ritualistic. Every Sunday afternoon.

So this is kind of weird, because it's a combination of things that are just before my time and very much at my time.
It's cool.

I think I will do more.

And there were never any cats involved for me.

All for now.

October 7, 2014

To do:


October 6, 2014

Anyone know of a good way to remember how to spell "experiment"?

ex-per-i-ment - n (14c)
1a: Test, or trial.
1b: A tentative procedure or policy
2: Experience.


October 5, 2014

Definitely not an HTML Monk


Please don't hack the Gibson.

Thanks to ~ford for such an awesome fun experiment.

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