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Welcome to my Tilde Club WWW space! My name is Joe and I have been using the World-Wide Web since 1994 and making pages on it since 1996 and I really like it.

The World-Wide Web is a hypertext-based, distributed information system created by researchers at CERN in Switzerland. See also

Update June 2024
FrESH is ongoing and fun to host. I've learned a lot.
I will be going to San Diego Comic-Con in July. And I'll be going to XOXO Festival in Portland in August. That's nifty.
Update May 2024
I took over maintenance of
I added to my github profile
Since my last update the first and a second Front End Study Hall were run. They were both great. And another is upcoming! I created a new header. The water in the ocean is getting a bit warmer too. Life is pretty good.
Update April 2024
I have a new gig I'm enjoying. And I'll be doing a learning and teaching event I call "Front End Study Hall" this month and I hope it'll be fun and useful.
Update March 2024
Now I have a Guestbook again, and a Contact form too, you know, for the attempted spammers.
I had fun updating the Blog Visualization on my site. So many years blogging! Who knew Instagram was the majority of what I'm doing for many years?
Updated my Cosplay page
February 2024:
I wrote about updating this page over on my other website.
I added a "Lincoln Baio." I think that's what people are saying when they say that.
I added a tiny style sheet.
Why does this page look so old?
It's written in HTML 2.0, an older spec. HTML 2.0 was created in 1995 (RFC 1866). It works just fine. The great thing about conforming to an HTML standard is that it's likely to keep working in decades later.
HTML 2.0 referred to style sheets being linkable in LINK tags: "<LINK> hyperlinks may also be processed without explicit user request; for example, style sheet resources may be processed before or during the processing of the document."
It would be another year before a browser shipped CSS.
HTML 2 was superseded in 1997 by HTML 3.2. Also now superseded.
Update 2014:
It's fun to make little web pages.

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Created September 2014. Updated June 2024.