radium_thritebulb_ep - 26.12.2023

Radium Thritebulb Artwork
My new EP "Radium Thritebulb" has been released. It is available for free download/streaming on this website and Bandcamp. It contains techno, breakbeat, and ambient tracks. Enjoy it!
vandal_by_alice - 07.10.2023

Vandal Artwork
An internet friend of mine released an album called "Vandal" under her star-gutter alias. It has a very dreamy style to it, and is kinda relaxing... It'll be really nice to show Alice some support and listen to it. Thanks in advance!

(P.S: Favourite song is Communication!)

swtiching_to_a_new_host -- 29.09.2023

I'm now able to host all of the files on my website. is neat. Also did the mandatory update too; check out the links.

new_look -- 06.08.2023

Gave the site a bit of a facelift. It's now lighter, Hopefully!