A simple theme for WindowMaker designed to make a pleasing desktop. For WindowMaker 0.95.9. Screenshot.
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Catco's Galaxy RUST

A cat goes on an adventure to stop the destruction of the universe from an evil calamity. Worked with artist Peach Moth, who helped me with concepts, cover art, banners, and (unused) sprites. I worked on the game for a little over a year and fully released Act 1. It is my most ambitious video game. For Microsoft Windows.


Hollowbound is a side-scrolling rouge-lite platformer made for the Mini Jam 92 Game Jam. Your goal is to exit the dungeon. If you lose by touching a "hollow", you get transported to a "hollow realm", where you'll play the level in reverse. I never expanded it beyond the demo. For Microsoft Windows. (12.3 MB)