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11 January 2015

Starting with a blank page is a challenge. The terminal interaction here really emphasizes that. It's like other blogging systems make things seem a lot more finished even before we start. But the words are what is important and staring at a blinking prompt is the quickest way to figure out if you have something to say or not.

19 October 2014

I saw a print of Wim Wenders' film Until the End of the World in the 90s in the long trilogy version in Montreal. I remember it as being amazing, exciting and profound with all sorts of interesting ideas being explored in a heady, sci-fi road movie. Then years later I watched it again in the much shorter version (with almost 2 hours cut out) and I remember missing a lot. I'm not sure if the longer version will still hold up, but I'd like to watch it again to find out. It's fascinating to look back at films that have an element of predicting the future to see what it reveals about the thinking of the time as well as seeing the people and stories that filmmakers choose at different points in their careers.

18 October 2014

Sipping coffee on the couch and figuring out what to write. Thinking about lost films - films that you've seen in the past that are alternate versions because of the edit or because of who you were and what you knew and what you didn't know. Sometimes it's good to go back and revisit them. Other times the revisit can destroy what you thought was there.

Words and Simplicity

Words are interesting and powerful and they’re the foundation of how we communicate online. There is a reason that email is still popular and that telephones have become used less for talk and more for text. While the bandwidth has increased and the screens are larger, it’s good to think about the past and the words that are the foundation of what we do.

I’m so glad that there is something simple and fun and nostagic like tilde.club that reminds me of how things used to be and how they still can be.

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