2022-11-26T18:38Z Been playing some LORD over on retro digital BBS. You should come.
2022-11-06T19:11Z Hello, world... again
2017-03-10T11:08Z testing auto generation again
2017-03-10T11:06Z It's been a while. Wrote a little command line alias to add stuff to here.
2014-10-14T17:00Z A short blog post on social networks, privacy, decentralisation and... tilde.club. Decentralising the social network.
2014-10-13T13:41Z My username is fixed! Hurrah!
2014-10-13T11:43Z In other news, this site is now statically generated using a Twig template and a dodgy php script.
2014-10-13T11:18Z Username is still broken :( so I still can't brag about tilde.club. Le sigh.
2014-10-08T11:30Z I have no idea what to put on here, so I am going to use it as a twitter-like micro blog. This may be the only update I ever make, or it wont.

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