Showed the nephew "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Detective Pikachu" so I guess it was an impromptu theme night. Nothing really makes one anxious for how slow an "old" movie like "Roger Rabbit" might feel to a modern audience than watching it with a 10 year old.

I forgot all about nu-Safari no longer supporting extensions like uBlock Origin, but co-incidentally had already started shifting my everything over to Firefox anyway.


Concern trolling is still trolling.

I am babysitting and I was going to show my nephew Spaceballs, but then I watched Spaceballs and I think maybe leave it another couple of years.


I often feel like games would be better without gamers. Tech without tech people.

It feels odd that I can ssh in to my closed laptop.

I first got online in 1995 or 1996, I forget which. 20 free hours with a local ISP, 28k modem.

I "taught myself" HTMl 3.2 in a text editor whose name I have since forgotten. I had for many years dabbled at the most basic of BASIC programming on my VIC-20, Amiga 500, the Commodore 64s at primary school. Learning HTMLScript (later MIVA Script) was the first time I'd actually made anything useful. Then I learned some Perl, some PHP, and now I use Python.

I once had a job writing PHP. Worst years of my life, and the code was shit too.


Finished a re-watch of Sense8. Still working on the CMS. Got distracted by the idea of writing it in Go or Swift instead of Python. I know neither Go nor Swift.

Cynicism is not honesty. Nihilism is not honesty.