~~~this is my tilde.club page~~~~

this is Edward Vielmetti's tilde.club page, circa July 2020

welcome to tilde.club

we're still figuring it out as we go.


currently on this same internet:



not much to report yet, but let's make a list, starting with netnews, gopher, and some way to write this all in markdown.



made with vim and mosh and screen and github and other stuff

weblog 2020 July

# 18 July 2020

Rotating the weblog to make it so I have a blank page again.

I have been having good discussions on ham radio of late, specifically on DMR.


This design is based on my first weblog, so it's kind of rough, and it uses tables, and it's very, very plain. But I miss the weblogs of 1999 and am happy to be back at it. It's very nice to share a shell prompt with interesting people doing neat things.

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