I am neither a maintainer nor a developer of even any GNU-Package, but that doesn't stop me to also publish a statement on the "Richard-Stallman-Issue". I was quiet for a too long time now.
I am just a user of a GNU/Linux distribution for nearly half a decade, and a free software user in general for several years more, which means that I already used free software in the Userland of a proprietary Operating System. The fact that I switched to even using a free software Operating System is caused by me listening to several of RMS' speeches over the internet.

Do all of you guys who welcome Stallman's resigning of the Free Software Foundation really want to fire a man out of a community which probably would not even exist without him and his actions related to Free Software? It's hard for me to believe that this is your serious intention.

All the reasons I have read in the internet until now do have nothing to do with Software Freedom. Stallman's postings on stallman.org are his private opinions, and as he himself already writes on his page, they neither have anything to do with the opinions of the Free Software Foundation nor the GNU-Project.

The goal of the Free Software Community and the GNU-project should be to create, have and/or maintain a completely free operating system and the needed tools. Nothing different.

Regardless the fact that I believe in Stallman being misrepresented by the mainstream media ( and I believe in this by heart! ), I'd also have to wonder why we should even care about it? Stallman did not even commit a crime. So I believe by heart in his innocence.

I don't feel privileged to judge over Mr. Minsky since he's dead, anyway, if Minsky is not even involved with the Free Software Issue, we shouldn't even care about this.

But I absolutely disagree with you if you really think that Stallman should be fired out of the community he once founded years ago.