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Welcome to my whiteboard. It might not make sense to you.

Current projects, ordered by priority:
1. Cosmic - I've began working on this storyline, and I don't wanna stop.
2. Geocities - Design's halfway done. I'm working on a final list. Check out the unsent letters though!
3. Club - scheduled to launch on the day I joined tilderadio. Even though this takes a backseat, it gives me more time to prepare the storyline. Check out my feels though! And water my marijuana plant on botany!
4. Breadpunk - all my cooking stuff goes here. Updates should be frequent as I'm focused on gemini.
5. smol - regular journal just for me to keep track of everything
6. midnight - This one's taken a backseat. But I'll give it an emergency boost if site morale is low.
7. nightfall - This one's going to be big. As big as cosmic, geocities and club! Currently working on site design.

Deprioritized projects:
1. Network
3. Listed

Shelved projects:
1. Journal
2. Insti