My Favourite Space Phenomena

(in no particular order)

Barnard 68

Barnard 68 is just awesome. It's like there's a hole in space. It's actually because it's made of a really dense dust that blocks out the stars behind it. Also there's no stars between us and it. So it's a big black blob to us. Some people think it's Boote's Void when they see pictures of it, but it's not. It's a Bok globule, which is pretty cool. You can read more about it at Wikipedia

Helix Nebula

Another name for the Helix Nebula is the "Eye of God". It's not really an eye though, it's a big star that exploded at some point. Looks kinda creepy though. I wonder if we flew a spaceship around us whether it would look like it was always staring at us no matter which direction we flew in. And if we flew straight through it, whether we'd make a big trail coming out of the other side. Wikipedia has stuff all about it.