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March 2020

I forgot about this for a while, and will be trying to schedule updating regularly.

In the meantime, watch this.

October 2019

So, one of the lovely things about where I live is that our country has 11 official languages. This means that you could be interacting with someone whose first (or even third) language is not English.

Now, trying to teach someone like that presents a challenge. One that feeds into my negative outlook on delegates. It feels like they're slower than they should be (which for a course with prerequisites might be correct).


In other news, I tried ordering a new handset. The delivery company pulled the "you weren't in" card, even though I was... I know they weren't anywhere near because the cameras don't lie.

Called them up and asked them what the hell, and there was some lame excuse. Now I'm waiting again for them, as the supervisors are looking for a vehicle to bring it to me.

October is turning out to be a strange month.

Having a whisky (or 7). It's been a good day.

Back in class today. I thought I'd be different. Instead, I find myself wondering "why can't these bloody people think‽"...

I'll get it eventually.

September 2019

I ate a large meal for lunch today. My body is not very happy with me right now. I'm all sleepy and shit.

Took few days off, decided to visit my mom. It was a good few days. The time away helped give me perspective on a few things.

It occurred to me that my expections of a course are sometimes unrealistic for the delegates. I've been doing this for well over a decade, and most of them are just seeing it for the first time. I expect them to change their way of thinking just like that.

But that's now how it works, nor is it th reason they are there. I always used to say that when someone asks a question, it might be the 100th time I've heard it but their first time asking it. So I would treat it as the first time I heard it.

But I recently forgot about that. I would think that "these people are idots! It's so logical, Why can't you just think?!"...

People come to me to help them understand certain topics (or at least their employers do). Maybe I shold be doing that, and not trying to get them to my level or understanding but theirs.

So, the course is over. I took a bit more of a laid back approach today. I was reminded of something by one of my colleagues:

You may have a goal in mind of what you want to teach them, but as long as they learned something you're doing well.

So, after ending class on the way back to the office I read their comments.

... Very informative and productive. ... Will definitely add value to my knowledge.

At that point, I realised that I was the reason I was feeling like that (at least more than tbe other reason). I had set a standard.

I've felt despondent about a class before, but this is a new thing. I'm also frustrated. Not just at the fact that they don't know how to dow the work because they're missing part of the picture (which I can't spend time to give them), but because I feel that they're not learning anything thereby making me a failure.

It's getting worse...

How do you forget something you've been doing every day for the past 4 days‽

Being a lecturer is sometimes a bit frustrating. Most of the courses I present have some prerequisites. It is up to the delegate to make sure they meet those prerequisites. Some times, however, they claim they "do have the required knowledge" but don't.

Maybe it's lack of sleep, maybe it's a few years of having to deal with this... But today, I am tired.

I really hate CSS some days...

So, I've made up part of my mind on what I'm gonna do with this. I'm gonna "try" and put random daily thoughts here as a sort of a mental logbook. I think people call it a "blag(?)".

Have you watched Mr Robot?

So, about my username... Tell you the truth, I don't have a cleaver story. I liked the name " Caleb", but I guess 1337 was a thing when I used it. Also, it turns out I can't 1337 correctly.

A few things will appear here once I've fully decided on what I want to put here.

In the meantime, have a look at Desert Bus For Hope starting on 6 November 2019 at 08:00 PST.

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