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"Welcome to The Official Website of the Informal Internet Li'l Red Express Club. We don't claim to be experts, but we know what we like. Take a look around and if you like what you see, tell everyone you know. If you don't like it, we are sorry to hear that, but don't tell anyone at all!!!!"

We would like to thank you for stopping by. If you own a Li'l Red Express, we are glad you found us. If you were just curious about what a Dodge Li'l Red Express is, you have come to the right place. If you just surfed in, we are glad you are here as well.

If you have ever been wandering around the Web, looking for information on Li'l Red Express Trucks or for people who have a Li'l Red Express to talk and ask questions, you have found there to be limited resources. The Search engines want to point you to sites having nothing at all to do with the trucks, or just somewhere out in infinity altogether.

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The Informal Internet Li'l Red Express Club is an interactive place. We are here to learn more and we won't learn more until we hear from more owners. So let us hear from you at and we can all benefit from your knowledge.
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