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The Informal Internet Li'l Red Express Club was created for those of us who cannot afford the time or money to actually go out and join a real club. We are usually working at our jobs :o| or on our Li'l Reds. :o)

All you have to do to join is send us an e-mail to Tell us about the truck (what year and with which options) you own or have previously owned. Please include anything special about it. If you have pictures of it, please include them and we will add your truck to our collection.

Our WebMaster has something he would like to promote about Li'l Reds:

I own a 1979 Li'l Red Express. It's a rare and beautiful collector truck.

I also have an excellent knowledge of computers, and in September of 2000, I started a new kind of online "club" for Li'l Red Express owners all over the world. It's called the Li'l Red Express Mailing List. It's free of charge, and it's a way to keep in contact with other folks who share your interest in these rare and beautiful pick-up trucks.

The Li'l Red Express Mailing List is dedicated to the preservation, appreciation and restoration of all Li'l Reds. The LREML will, I hope, become one of the best sources of useful information for Li'l Red Express owners on the planet!

My job is simple - When a member of the Mailing List sends me a message, I check to make sure it's appropriate, and then I send it out to everybody on the Mailing List. It's an easy job, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

The only price for being on the LREML is to share what you know with the rest of the folks on the list. Information shared is wisdom multiplied, and it's particularly true on the Internet!

The online world has, limited resources for Li'l Red Express owners, and now there's a single home-base to learn about them. I invite all Li'l Red Express Owners with an e-mail account to check us out. It's a great way to stay in contact with others who, like myself, have great pride in their Express Trucks!

Check us out... Join our Mailing List

Thanks a lot...
Talk to you soon,

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