Warlock History

For those of you who already know about the Dodge Warlock, please bear with us.

The Dodge Boys put out appearance packages (on both cars and trucks) several times through their history. An example of this came on the 1970 Adventurer Pickup with the DUDE package on the Sweptline body style. In the early 1970's they came out with the HANG 10 on the Duster body style.

As the 1970's progressed, the U.S. Government was (and still is) choking the performance out of the American Automakers and Dodge was no exception. For all intents and purposes, vehicles produced during this time were unexciting at best. During the 1950's and 1960's, we were used to the Automotive Industry producing distinctive vehicles that each manufacturer's supporters would proudly purchase. After the Oil Embargo of 1973, the Big Four (General Motors, Ford, Chrysler & AMC) were scrambling to make anything the American public would buy. Thank goodness, people still needed trucks so the manufacturers kept on pumping them out. But at that time, they were work vehicles and not very interesting.

In order to change this perception, Dodge decided to spice up life a bit by putting something interesting out for public consumption with their Adult Toy Program. Beginning in 1976, Dodge put out the Warlock.They offered four color choices, Black, Red, Orange, or Green. Black was the most common choice. The Warlock had gold pinstripe scrolling that outlined the wheel wells and body lines, along with the inside of the doors, the dash and around the instrument cluster.

Apparently, most engine choices were available, from the Leaning Tower of Power (225 cid Slant Six), the 318 cid 2bbl or 4 bbl, the 360 cid 4 bbl, and the 400 cid (the replacement for the aging 383 cid). There has been much discussion and cussing about whether or not the 440 cid fire breather was an option. It was available in a 220hp version. Most likely a 2bbl and detuned from the factory. Many people have transplanted the 440 in and it fits like a glove. The 426 Street Hemi was out of production and never did make it to actual production trucks. You could have the A833 four speed manual or the A727 automatic transmission. Also, you had the choice of two or four wheel drive.

Most everyone who knows anything about trucks has either heard of, seen one or owned one of the more famous Li'l Red Express Pickups. Released to limited production, it came in any color as long as it was RED! You had your choice of engines, provided it was the 360 Hi Performance. The Li'l Red Express, with it's name emblazoned across the doors and tailgate and it's trademark vertical exhaust stacks behind the cab. A sharp looking truck, especially if you like blatent flash advertising the fact that Dodge produced the fastest production vehicle made in America!

The Lil Red Express and the Warlock both shared an oak lined bed. Both shared the short stepside bed Dodge had available on all pickups from 1958 to 1981. The actual body panels and mechanicals were all standard D/W 100/150 production. They both had standard stepside chrome bumpers and standard grille treatments. The Warlock had eight (8) spoke wheels painted Gold with black pinstripes, almost a counterpoint to the body scrolling. The Li'l Red Express had Chrome five-slot disc road wheels.

The Dodge Warlock was produced from 1976 to 1979, even though the 1979 said Warlock II on the tailgate. The Li'l Red, which was produced in 1978 & 1979, made a good impression on the buying public and has become a very popular truck even today.The Warlock was not near as popular and has been relegated to an almost mythical status. It has become one of the most misunderstood vehicles to come along in quite some time.

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