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1976 Warlock It'll Put A Spell On You. This is a page Mel maintains showing some pictures of a beautiful Orange/Red Warlock. You will see he provided our Heading picture. This gentleman is a definate Pentastar supporter, a real Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth fan. Take a look around his site, you will be glad you did.

Li'l Red Express The fastest American vehicle to 100MPH in 1978. This is a page Mel maintains showing some pictures of a beautiful example of a '79 Li'l Red Truck. This gentleman is a definate Pentastar supporter, a real Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth fan. Take a look around his site, you will be glad you did.

Dodge Power Wagon Page There is a terrific listing of photos from around the Net. He has a picture of a clean 1976 Warlock. If you like Dodge trucks, this collection of pictures is a great place to visit. This is just part of JimBob's Mopar Site. Feel free to look around and enjoy.

War Wagon Interesting possibility if someone gets REAL creative with what they have on hand. It's not a PURE Warlock, but a nice rig! War Wagon II Here's an update of what has been done with the War Wagon.

Li'l Red Express Depot VERY informative site about Dodge's own legendary Li'l Red Express Truck.

Li'l Red Express Website Possibly the "last word" in Li'l Red Express information. A very nice site. You MUST check this one out!

Related Links

Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth Registries Larry Nolen has created one of the most comprehensive list of registies I have ever seen. This particular list came from a magazine, but there are other things around this website that makes it a place to visit many times. Great reference material!

Dave Sollon's Homepage He has created a very thorough page dedicated to the Hudson. The Hudson Motor Company is a distant cousin to the Chrysler Corporation through the acquisition of AMC in 1982. Well worth visiting to get a glimpse of one of the more forward thinking auto makers of the early part of this century. He has rebuilt several Hudsons and has the pix to prove it.

MoparEd's Decal kits He says that if your Mopar came with a stripe kit, he can get it reproduced exactly and to call him for price and lead time. This might be a good source for the ever elusive Warlock striping kit. He primarily deals with E-bodied Mopars, but has the Warlock listed.

MICHAEL GRESS ENTERPRISES This is a fellow MOPAR fan operating out of Pennsylvania. He's been doing this for a while and his reputation is rock solid. He has lots of Li'l Red parts your truck is just waiting to try on. Like nameplates, parking lenses, accelerator cables, arm rest pads, battery trays and straps, blowers switches, carb rebuild kits, cargo lights, center caps, door panels, stack shields, side marker lights, grilles and extensions, headlight bezels, heater valve cables, hood release cables, mirrors, battery cables, radiator supports, fender bolts, tail gate chains, tail lamps, bed strips and skids and bolts, carpet and upholstery, decals and stripes, floor pans, tailgate hinges, bed and side wood, side bolts, exhaust pipes and tips, floor mats, decoding manual, air duct tubes, washer reservoirs and more. Click the E-mail link below to order a product list. E-mail: Lilredexp@aol.com or send a SASE through snail mail for his catalog: Michael Gress Enterprises Dept. WP 1525 Marsha Terrace Yardley, PA. 19067

So you're working tirelessly to restore or "restify" your Warlock or Li'l Red Express... Where should I get the rebuild parts you ask?

Summit Racing Equipment. Where I can find everything I need for a balanced, blueprinted engine. Their prices are low and they carry genuine MOPAR products and better. They even have the stock 340 cam in which Li'l Reds were equiped. Here's the link to get a catalog: Summit Racing Equipment Dept. 96WEB P.O. Box 909 Akron, OH 44309-0909 1 (800)230-3030 1 (330)630-3030

The Dodge Connection Danny Alt has got the Goods for your Li'l Reds... Good prices on his parts also!

AUTO DECALS UNLIMITED, INC. These guys have ALL the MOPAR decal sets you could imagine! Auto Decals Unlimited, Inc. 11259 E. Via Linda Suite 100-201 Scottsdale, AZ. 85259 1 (602)860-9800

BRUCE HORKEY CABINETRY These guys have a reputable business and have been around awhile. They provide wood bed floors, exterior wood side kits, skids in steel and stainless, bolts sets and dress-up supplies. Send $4 for a catalog or give them a call: Bruce Horkey Cabinetry Rt. 4, Box 188M Windom, MN. 56101 (507) 831-5625 FAX (507) 831-0280

PERFORMANCE CAR GRAPHICS Don't know too much about these chappies. They carry "Instruments, woodgrain, stripes, and decals." Call or write for a free product list: Performance Car Graphics 723 Shannon St. Tallahasse, FL. 32311 (904) 878-1450

YEAR ONE, INC. What else needs to be said? 1-800-680-6806 Atlanta callers (770) 493-6568

HARDEN'S MUSCLE CAR WORLD These folks have a nice line of correct Dodge truck parts. Sill plates, carpet, seat upholstery, door panels, arm rests, door seals, vent window seals, catwhiskers, rubber kits, resevoirs, floor pans and more. Harden's Muscle Car World P.O. Box 306 Lexington, MO. 64067-0306 1-800-633-4690

HOWELL AUTOMOTIVE You have GOT to check this out! They have lots of NEW parts for Dodge trucks. Fenders, grills, tailgates, door skins, yada, yada, yada...and at reasonable West Virginian prices. I just placed an order, so I'll let you know the quality of products and service provided. http://www.howellautomotive.com/

J.C. WHITNEY It's not OEM or NOS, but you can't beat the prices! Lots of goodies like engine and tranny rebuild kits, carpet, seat covers, stainless steel exhaust clamps, pipes, and mufflers. The list goes on and on. Give them a call and ask for a catalog: 1 (312) 431-6102

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