Just another post

When I die, which I hope is at least a hundred years from now (taking extended lifespans into account), this post will be part of the record I will leave behind. My hope is that YourTilde will outlive me… that these words I’m writing now will outlive me. In the past, words had to be nice to outlive their author, and one had to look and sound good and pretend to be someone else for audiovisual recordings of them to outlive them. But that is no longer true, and audio, video and text are more easily stored for posterity than ever before. But less than 55% of the world has access to the internet, so this kind of access is still not universal.

My first blog post on YourTilde

I used to use feels on https://tilde.town, and now that I’ve found out that YourTilde doesn’t have feels, it feels good going back to my original blogging program.

I tried to write this post once, but I found some bugs in the program (it doesn’t generate a template if there wasn’t one to begin with), so now this is my fourteenth attempt with the bugs supposedly fixed. If this sees the light of day, then you’ll know the bugs were fixed (and you’ll know how many attempts it took ;)).

Well, this is all for now. I hope YourTilde becomes as large as tilde.town and there are two large tildeboxes. This could kickstart tildebox federation again, after it was abandoned when former bastions of the tildeverse (like tilde.club) were deserted.