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oct 13, 2014, p.m.

i was browsing ~jonbell and he delightfully linked to (what appears to be) a partial history of his tilde activity. i'm so psyched about this.

12 ls 13 fq 14 faq 15 mkdir the thing about jetpacks 16 cd th 17 ls 18 rm -rg the thing about jetpacks/ 19 rm -rf th 20 rm -rf the/ 21 rm -rf thing/ 22 rm -rf about/ 23 rm -rf jetpacks/ 24 ls 25 mkdir "the thing about jetpacks"

i love this because it tells a story. and this story is my story, here, too, which is: "how does this work?" "what am i screwing up here?" "oh -- here's how to fix it." we are learning. it is beautiful.

i went to lunch with a super cool dude today. he told me that instead of asking people what they sit at a desk and do all day so that someone will give them money to pay their rent with, he likes asking people what special thing they do to make the world a better place. (he himself was asked this at a party a long time ago and it blew his mind.) i told him, after thinking about it, that i think i'm still figuring out what my special thing is. (cool first friend-date story, bro. *shakes head*)

i do know i'm a cheerleader -- a battery, a supporter, a champion of people and things i love. that's decently special, and certainly seems to make my friends happier. (plus i've turned a lot of people on to my favorite podcasts, like 99% invisible, which is about history and architecture and design and urban planning, and which, assuming you like any of the aforementioned things, you should listen to immediately.)

so tonight i will be working late, doing laundry, and cooking myself dinner (like an adult with a job, which isn't interesting). what's my special? on a monday night after a work trip, maybe nothing. tuesday; wait for me.

(do you have a special thing? i'll bet you do. tell me on twitter.)

oct 13, 2014, a.m.

i attended my first grace hopper celebration of women in computing and all i got were six t-shirts, five pens, four notebooks, three external battery packs, two tote bags, and one intense feeling that women in computing are much better off than they were a while ago and that we have a hell of a long way to go.

more thoughts to come.

(change log, stardate 92386.28 [yes, i looked it up, nerds]: added a blogroll and joined the webring. also updated my blockquotes to be fancy and link styles to be easier to see. still working on a feedback mechanism of some sort that doesn't involve installing a comments plugin. if you have ideas on this, please tweet at me.)

oct 7, 2014

~mathowie says:

Pointless nostalgia isn't proper nostalgia if you don't stick to the original tools.

boy howdy i am learning how properly nostalgic i am every day. javascript console, known_hosts, trying to get shit into my emacs editor from other applications... when even the basics like copy and paste are taken away from me, i begin to really appreciate what technology does for me on a daily basis. like pay for my groceries, but also other things.

(to come: some kind of comments functionality or at least a "tweet at me" button! thoughts welcome here.)

oct 5, 2014

typing out this post from my phone. god damn, this is horrific. no autocorrect (as previously mentioned) and everybody's wall posts keep getting in my way.

control l to refresh.

i'm at the showbox for the new pornographers. did the super old person (super worth it) thing of getting here early enough to get seats. i can't be on my feet all night. come on. i'm 28 damn years old and not getting younger. did i mention i'm wearing earplugs? i have tinnitus. get off my lawn.

oct 3, 2014

i've never talked more about markdown than i did tonight. ~glenn and i organized a little post-#xoxofest seattle meetup this evening at linda's tavern. it was so great to get to talk to a bunch of lovely people about what they do.

tonight, we identified a new psychological phenomenon: imposter imposter syndrome. (i have a friend who is so capable and confident that she sometimes feels like she must need to feel imposter-y about something; everyone's got insecurity, what's wrong with her?)

i have a thing - definitely after xoxo and meeting all those makers but also in general - where i always feel like i could and should be doing more. and i do a lot, and i don't think i'm being delusional about that. i realized tonight in the process of explaining it to @jeffcarlson that a large part of why i took up knitting is that i love watching television but i'm pretty guilty about how much time it takes away from other stuff. projects! hanging out with friends! so now, at least i'm making a sweater while i'm watching S.H.I.E.L.D. or new girl or bojack horseman or... well, i watch a lot of tv.

i mean, right now i'm writing this little blog while watching the good wife, but usually it's knitting.

oct 2, 2014

i configured emacs to respect ctrl+x (etc.) for cut, copy, and paste, which feels like a minor but significant victory.

there is chat on this server, now, but it's buggy and refreshes a lot and there are only a few people there at 3pm on a thursday.

seattle in the fall feels like childhood. or, rather, when i think about being a kid in seattle, it feels like fall in all my memories. so when the days get shorter and the weather gets a little cool, it always feels like a homecoming. this is a wonderful thing.

i'm thinking of starting a podcast about lunch, with a cool guy (@royalbacon) i met in my grad program and another cool guy (@hellbox) whom i met on twitter slash at xoxo (but not really at xoxo, as has been the case with a lot of cool internet people i now know, but in the swirling internet hangover / fallout / dream-state that was the few days after). all of a sudden i'm in need of things to do, people to spend time with. and not because work is slow - on the contrary.

i've always felt better when i'm busier. there's a threshold, but we're not there yet.

now if only i had some frozen yogurt, everything would be, for a moment, pretty perfect.

oct 1, 2014

well, here we are. together on the internet just like old days. no autocorrect; no mouse; just you, a keyboard, a little ssh, ~ford, and me.

god damn, it is hard hand-coding html typing all this on my ipad. using a free ssh app that i downloaded (inspired by ~mahoney).

this whole thing certainly feels artisanal. an artisanal blog post? hosted on a lovingly crafted unix server maintained by a guy who i've seen speak in person once (spoilers: amazing) but never really met. because, of course, the internet.

which is kind of the whole thesis, right?

(look, ma, i'm closing my br tags. i am my own CMS.)

this is just to say: having a blast so far. i want to talk more with you. hit me up at the abovementioned handles and let's be friends.

end post.

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