welcome to my ~tilde.club~ page

my name is matheus (or from now on ~mathek here on tilde.club). I'm a Brazilian pianist and composer currently living in Buenos Aires.

a more serious, RESPECTABLE and Portuguese Written page about my work and my interests can be found here. you can find contact information here.

this tilde page is supposed to be a kind of visual version of this soundcloud (a few crappy unpolished experiments and improvisations smashed together)

I'm not particurlarly tech savy, so unfortunately this page doesn't have cool stuff like that, that or that

Nuestro norte es el sur
(J. Torres GarcĂ­a)

here, have some PASTA instead


Stuff I randomly write (in portuguese) Might include stuff not written by me, stuff in other languages, etc.
Stuff to see on Instagram Mostly pics from my neighbourhood, Villa Crespo
Stuff that is worth listening to Music I find touching, interesting or something
Palindromes I not so randomly write Mostly in portuguese
Poetry pages on ~tilde.club~ That I found so far
A post by Ludwig Wittgenstein on BuzzfeedAs seen on XXth century philosophy classic Tratatus Logico-Philosophicus
Tilde pages I find interesting For whatever reason

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