The old website is gone. For now.
Turns out my new ISP put me under a NAT and I have to use my friend Raov's dedi server.
I don't think I'll be restoring the old page, however I've been thinking of doing a sort of revamp of my personal webpage, but I have no ideas... so uncreative
Meanwhile, enjoy the rest what this page has.

The disappearance

On 10th of December 2020 I was unexpectedly been abducted into the compulsory military service, where I spent a year of suffering. During that time, somewhere closer to the New Year, my parents moved into a new apartment, therefore plugging off the server and taking it with them.

Now arriving back home, year later, my domain has expired and I have no funds to maintain it. I'm currently working full-time to get some so I can continue hosting.


GaiaMC Discord server archive

My stance regarding the Russia-Ukraine war

I do not support this war. Nobody wants this war. Even military draftees don't want it. It's pointless, considering Ukraine was a part of the USSR.
Now I can't get computer parts, I can't pay with my phone, I can't pay for services abroad, I can't do ANYTHING I was able to do! This sucks!


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