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03/14: Created a page called Lulz' Most Common Sources. Updated a bunch of pages yet again. I finally started sketching another strip of Life Is Funny. Hopefully after it is finished, I will stick to a schedule of at least two strips per month.

03/08: Added a reflection to Careless Eris's page, because to be honest, I'm sick of Eris's BS. Maybe I'll make more jokes about her and a few other lolcows for April Fools.

Also updated the Scrapbook. A new comic strip should be uploaded this weekend if my hands don't crack and bleed.

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PearlTrans belongs behind bars.

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I compiled a list of useful and interesting sites.

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The Fall of UltimateDSfan

The left hates Eris Ray because of her financial irresponsibility and general rudeness, while the right hates her because she's a whiny childwoman who won't shut up about being trans.