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New features include responsive layout so good bye mobile version, dark mode, and a bunch of CSS.
Thanks to sadgirl's (Yesterweb owner) very own layout builder! And also a ton of Google searches.
Still, if you like the Activity Centers layout in the homepage, check out the freedom wall.

About Me

Who I am

My name is Alexis, and I'm a teenager who is currently on high school. Ever since birth, technology is around my life. When I'm like 6 years old, I used my mom's phone to play and not having a clue what Internet really is.

I am fortunate enough to learn about computers at an early age, and nowadays, I'm a tech-savvy guy with a knack of learning more about operating systems.

My dream is to be an indie game developer, and a reasonably popular content creator. My interests are the Mother series, operating systems, retro computing, gaming in general, emulators and web development.

My philosophies are to always look at the possitive side of things, that technology must be accessible to anyone, and anything, and quality gaming must be available to all of us, not locked down in an inappropriate price point.

I am active on Discord, Mastodon, and sometimes YouTube. I am also using Facebook personally, since I'm living in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, where it's more common.

The website's history

This website was created on February 18, 2022, with it's official launch 10 days later. The initial layout of this website was created using Microsoft Frontpage 98 (retroactively refered to as AGR v1.0). I was inspired by Michael MJD's video about Microsoft FrontPage. The initial launch was pretty barebones, I knew little about HTML, but over the following months, the website gradually improves, with new sections being made such as Projects, Freedom Wall, and GUI Gallery.

This isn't my first foray on making sites however, as I have a few websites made on different platform, one of it was WordPress, as you know at the homepage. But, this wasn't the first time I use WordPress. When I was 10, I made You at TIFFEDICT (which was a long acronym and it was pronounced ti-pe-dik) which was young me posting random facts and comparing games like a 7 year old.

The website clearly is becoming somewhat popular and changes are clearly needed. In late October, I experimented with a new home page layout, and in early November, the new layout was implemented, and it gradually improves day by day. This was dubbed AGR v2.0 because it was the largest major update to the site yet.

As the site gradually updates, I removed leftovers from FrontPage 98, reflecting the change from editing from an old WYSIWYG HTML editor to more hand-written approach. I also joined some communities, I'm active on r/Neocities Discord, I have a community called RetroXplorer, and I'm a part of Yesterweb in some way.

As the site gradually reaches a year old, I am introducing more sections of my site. After the end of January, I would have 3-5 new sections, which is a lot. I think I'm proud with how things currently went. My current goals are being more compatible with older browsers (since the new layout wasn't compatible) and really fleshing out the website.

The site timeline

Please note that some of the screenshots are recreated. Most screenshots to this point are on the Wayback Machine.

February 18
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February 25
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February 28
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March 26
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March 31
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April 13
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April 19
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May 22
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June 06
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June 26
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July 30
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August 04
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August 28
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October 31
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November 01
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December 15
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Main site (Link)

Main site! This is the one you oftentimes see! Although it also lacked the PHP functionaity.

tilde.club (Link)

Experimental branch where I test things out of context. Last updated September 2023.

donut.eu.org (Link)

AGRv2 with PHP extensions! Usually in-sync with the main site with the addition of PHP server side coding, feature not available on Neocities. Last updated: September 2023.