(ARCHIVED) Welcome to the new (and experimental) homepage of Alexis Gaming Reviews!
This is actual code from the scrapped Activity Centers feature in Windows Neptune but overhauled into an actual homepage
(which is around 15% of the page, most of it was recreated manually due to the original code using a weird XML spec called Mars,
which makes webpages look like an actual piece of software or smth)
If you don't like it, check the link in the bottom right corner.
I want your own opinion about the layout. If you have feedback, please check the Freedom Wall. (mostly JS ugh)

Starting Places

All of my rants, thoughts, reviews and everything in between.

Cool sites I recommend visiting!

A collection of wallpapers, some from Microsoft and my homemade ones too!

My current and upcoming works.

Let's talk here in short bursts!

This is where I review various GUIs from different eras.

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