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Site directory

Cool sites I recommend visiting! Including ones for people who want ISOs for older OSes and cool guys/sites that I know. Want yours to be added? Contact me at [email protected]

Recommended for Windows enthusiasts and archivists. It has a forum, a database and a huge FTP server. If you want to access the FTP server, you need to register, read the guidelines and upload your contributions. Not interested in archiving stuff? You can talk about Windows and other stuff in the forums. (You must follow the rules to actually post there.)

It's a digital library that archives most stuff ever imagined and it's free! (I recommend to donate to them, also they're non-profit so don't worry) It has collections of websites (by the Wayback Machine), softwares (yes, even MS Office), games, music, movies, animated images and more. I recommend to download ISOs of beta Windows and retail Windows ISOs. You can download old games too via No-Intro dumps and Redump ISOs. The downside of this website was it's slow download speeds so I recommend to download a download manager. I recommend FDM because it's free and handles the job fine.

An encyclopedia of beta builds of operating systems and stuff. Want to know the OS you loved while in development? Want to know how to install beta builds? Here's the wiki for you! You can also see canceled operating systems and obscure operating systems too!

It's a website for downloading operating systems and software. It's infamous for poor file handling but I personally don't have problems with it. I recommend to download stuff there.

Based Gentoo user. Creator of ddfmpeg, spDE, and a lot of other stuff. Cool guy too. You could find him on GitHub for other stuff like dotfiles. #1 Bloat hater.

A community/movement to keep the old web alive. It's 100% creativity and no corporate bullshit. Cool community to join if you want more 90s to early 2000s websites and stuff.

Cool website, and the main admin of the Yesterweb community.

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