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Since February 2021

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On the internet I go by chmod777. Feel free to ask me anything.

A computer science graduate with only vague ideas of what they are doing in life.

I just finished working a seasonal job that took up all of my free time so I am excited to get back into my projects and hobbies which will be the the focus of this blog.

If you follow me on mastodon you may have seen my posts about one of my projects Roll Lang. It is a dice notation interpreter with similar syntax to Roll20's. It's getting close to a 1.0 version. You can expect a post about it soon.

A project that I just started is a RISC V assembler. I wanted to get away from comming up with my own spec for a language for a while and figured an assembly language would be one of the simplest to implement.

Gardening is a hobby of mine. I'll give an update on the garden when I prune the cherry and apple trees this fall.

I've slowly been building an aluminium Settlers of Cattan board out of casted aluminum tiles. This is my longest running project mostly due to the weather, my casting setup, and motivation to deal with both. Also my 3D modeling skills could use some work.

It's been years since I've used an arduino but I recently bought a Raspberry Pi Pico and have been tinkering with it, as well as diving into KiCad. I've been designing a wireless controller for future electronics projects which may include a wheeled robot, and/or a drone.

I've started many Vulkan, OpenGL, and WebGL projects with grand intentions. One of these days I'll get around to getting one of them into a state that I feel is worth sharing.

I don't want this just to be a void where I put stuff. If you have any questions or want to discuss what I put here send me a message.

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My Botany Plant

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plant: young jade plant

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Botany is a command line, realtime, community garden. For more information check out the projects repository.