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11 december 2020

It feels a bit weird sharing my feels here when I'm the only one doing so.

Because if I'm not reading other people's anyway, maybe I should go back to my notebook.

We went to see snow the other day with the uni buddies. I took the chinon cs with me, took some pics. When the roll's full I'll take it to develop. Was fun overall, I'm glad we got to see each other in these times of little social contact. I didn't see everybody, we did two groups. We were supposed to meet up the mountain but in the end it couldn't be.

Today I'm staying at a friend's too.

06 december 2020

Suuunday. Yesterday we had a barbecue at a friend's house. Celebrating his birthday and upcoming son. We ended up eating (lunch) at 6pm, good thing we had potato chips and olives. 2 bottles of really good wine in 3 people. So nice. Then we ended up staying for dinner, and by extension to sleep because of the curfew. We ordered through uber eats, but since that house is in the middle of nowhere, most restaurants don't reach it. Pretty bad sushi, pretty late. Then really good whisky.

We tried a game called Maid of Sker, on the switch. It has really good reviews but it turned out to be shit honestly. Switched to BOTW.

Slept in the couch next to a cat. Woke up by noon and did Advent of Code 5 and 6 on a python repl on my phone. Then when the hosts woke up we had coffee and then I drove back home. Good feels.

02 december 2020

Started AOC, installed and riced debian because nixos is pain.

01 december 2020

I go to sleep tired, wake up tired. Headache. Everything is urgent. Stress.

27 november 2020

Today (thursday the 26th) was a bit of a mess. I had trouble waking up, then I had a headache and was really sleepy, even though I had slept for 8h. I think this new schedule isn't working, I'll have to improve it. Had a 3h nap in the afternoon, felt a bit better after.

25 november 2020

It's 1AM. I am so tired and sleepy, and that's amazing. I think I'm getting my sleep schedule back on track. I've been waking up at 10AM these last 2 days. Tomorrow I'll do it again.

21 november 2020

so today a network card I had ordered arrived, delayed 2 days. I put it in a nice old intel atom pc I had unused, which can run fanless and had a PCI (not express) slot, installed pfsense on it to create a firewall.

We have a server from work at home, which is used for backups. Having this server on the same network as the rest of the home devices didn't feel right, so I took the new firewall and put it in front of it, with a couple port forwards, and also updated the server to the ubuntu stable release, 20.04.

Problem came when a few minutes later it stopped working. The NIC was faulty? bad cable? ghosts? Nope. Turns out that because the server actually runs X11 and gnome, it was deciding to enter sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity.

I feel tired.

17 november 2020

Went to the specialist doctor. Turns out my cough is due to allergy to acari. It seems we'll sort it out. yay!

This was like, 2AM ig. talking about the day prior.

Today I woke up late. Had lunch. Went down to the metropoly to get pics developed. The film casing had broken so I couldn't rewind it. I brought the whole camera so that they could take it out in the dark room. I hope the pics aren't completely terrible, though it's my first roll so I don't have very high hopes. Drove back. Worked till dinner. Then worked some more till 2AM. Chatted a bit on the interwebs. Time to sleep.

My feels: tired.

15 november 2020

Yesterday night was so fun. I was on discord with a group of friends, and we got drunk and played games together. Then when everybody went to sleep I went with another couple friends and we played more games. So nice.

13 november 2020

I ended up falling sleep around 5. Took some pictures in low light with my phone. Long exposures, then turning up the brightness to over 9000.


I did wake up at 10. Am sleep deprived.

3:45 - having trouble falling asleep tonight. It would be good if I could be up by 10 tomorrow, but it's not going to happen.

I started getting a little pain on my upper back today. Maybe I'm tensing up and not sitting well due to the new keyboard.

Fuck computers. Just a thought. And here I am, typing this in one. See, I have a small notebook to write thoughts in. Yet I haven't used it since I started this feels blog. I would have had to go down the stairs to get it now though. But really if I think of a happy life, where do computers fit? I'd want people - friends, family, you name it. And food, and songs, and a garden and sun. They don't come to mind. I can't live without them and yet they feel so unnecessary.

3:51 - good night

12 november 2020

Woke up absolutely zombie.

Again so late it's almost the next day. Well really, it is the next day if you ask most people. I got the new keyboard today after lunch. The microsoft sculpt. It has latency issues. I guess due to its wireless nature. Otherwise comfortable.

Also played some league of legends with a friend. The new season started, and the items have been changed. It was fun.

Now going to sleep. The clock reads 5 past 5. A thought of my ex crossed my mind. That happens often lately. Well, it always happens often, ever since we broke up. Maybe a bit less often when I had someone else to think of. I'm glad I'm not with her anymore. And yet, also a tiny bit lonely. good night.

10 november 2020

My left pinky hurts. I don't know how to type without it. Going to try and not type. An ergo keyboard should arrive in the mail tomorrow.

(previous day, 3AM)

feels feels feels feels Every time I run feels, I check out the neighbors to see if anybody has written anything. Doesn't seem to happen much.

I did some work today, they planed some games. I feel fine. Tuesday next week I'm seeing a doctor about my neverending cough.

08 november 2020

I woke up at 5pm today. And because my brother woke me up. wew.

07 november 2020

I feel like nothing ever happens here.

I force pushed git like 10 times in the last hour. First, because I forgot a semicolon in the maintainers list file. Then, because I was calling git commit --amend without the -a, so the changes hadn't actually been added. Then, because I missed another semicolon. I feel like an idiot.

Disabled the stickyness on the header. It might have been ok when the header was smaller, but it had become a nuissance.

I feel tilted. I wanted to play league of legends, then I noticed my ping was ~180ms. Restarted the game. Rebooted the router. Still 180ms. Pings inside the house? <1ms. Pings through the gateway? >150ms. Disconnected and shut down all the things, maybe something was eating all the bandwidth. Nope.


                                   My traceroute  [v0.93]
arcturus (                                           2020-11-07T17:48:58+0100
Keys:  Help   Display mode   Restart statistics   Order of fields   quit
                                                    Packets               Pings
 Host                                             Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1. _gateway                                       0.0%    11    1.5   1.6   1.3   2.1   0.3
 2. static.masmovil.com                            0.0%    11    4.2   7.9   3.7  18.5   5.3
 3.                                     0.0%    11    3.4   4.6   3.4  10.2   2.0
 4.                                     0.0%    10    3.0   6.5   3.0  28.9   8.0
 5. bcn-b2-link.telia.net                          0.0%    10   12.0  12.4  11.3  18.0   2.0
 6. mad-b2-link.telia.net                          0.0%    10   11.2  12.8  11.2  18.9   2.2
 7.                                  11.1%    10  157.7 150.1 142.0 157.7   4.8
 8.                                 0.0%    10  159.6 153.8 144.6 168.5   7.6
 9.                                22.2%    10  149.5 151.5 148.0 155.1   2.4
10. mad07s09-in-f14.1e100.net                     20.0%    10  156.4 148.9 141.6 160.7   6.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA why can't things just work and work well?

So like, there was this blog post linked on https://lobste.rs the other day where this guy said he had redesigned his site as a nod to the 90s. And he had clearly never browsed anything close to resembling the 90s because he understood the 90s Web to mean "emoji and cool backgrounds". And then I got a lot of upvotes for saying this. But honestly, he had really cool backgrounds.

04 november 2020

So I thought some more about this thing I do where I run feels past midnight but don't like the posts going to the next day. Given that I already have a personal fork set up, this should be easy:

When I go write and it's between 00:00 and 05:00, it should say "It's awfully early, the sun isn't up yet. Want to write on yesterday's entry? [y]". Maybe it could be optional, called "night owl mode". Maybe it isn't worth making optional.

'bout my feels. In the end I was a bit productive today. Svelte and sortablejs don't play well together, but I pulled through. I also updated my CV, and sent a friend some voice samples for his super metroid fan translation. Oh, and I made dinner.

I spent some time toying with nix, trying to build dosemu2. Turns out, it's kind of hard.

03 november 2020

Woke up with a headache. I just want to sleep and do nothing.

02 november 2020

I woke up feeling pretty bad today. Physically. Got work to do tho.

01 november 2020

I woke up so nicely today. It helps it's sunday, I guess, but also I went to sleep earlier than usual and the house was completely quiet all morning. So I had a nice long sleep. When I woke up, I went to pee, drank a glass of water, then got back in bed some more. Then I got up for real :)

Cleaned up the kitchen a bit, set a washing machine. My parents went out, I wonder if my brother is asleep?

31 october 2020

botany wished me a happy hallowheen. Nice touch.

Yesterday I helped my friend hack his switch over the phone. It was hard. Especially that one thing where his PC wouldn't detect his switch, and the thing that ended up fixing it was, I kid you not, plugging the cable slowly.

Today I updated the hax on mine so that I can use all kinds of controllers on it. Wiimotes on the switch (which sadly don't support motion controls yet) should be an official feature from nintendo, honestly.

I'm slightly underslept because I ended up going to sleep at like, 5AM, and then my brother woke me up being loud in his room.

A friend wrote to me on whatsapp, was nice. I'll go to another friend's to have a beer now.

29 october 2020

I modified ttbp to generate an atom feed. Seems to work fine :). Pointing any rss reader to this URL should now get you a fine subscription.

Yesterday, that is, the 27th, because I am writing this before going to sleep and I absolutely reject the change of day at midnight, I got my camera battery. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK!

That is, the battery works, I have checked with a multimeter. But the light sensor doesn't. I messaged the seller on ebay and he says it did work when he tested it, so it might have been damaged on the way, and I can return it and get it refunded if I want. I don't want to. It's ok. I'll keep it.

So anyway I checked wallapop which is an app to buy & sell things locally, and there was a pentax spotmatic there just like my dad's, next city. Battery cap stuck and damaged to the point you can't get any grip on it. Otherwise should work, not tested with film. So I went and bought it. The guy was nice, he seemed around my age. We met in front of a train station. When I got home, I temporarily borrowed the bottom plate from my dad's spotmatic to check if the photometer worked with a battery connected, and indeed it does. So now I just need to get that damn thing open (got a few ideas). And then, I need to put in a battery (I'll take my dad's). And then, I need to close it again. Which might require a replacement cover; I have emailed a guy from the US who does pentax repairs to see if he can sell me one.

But! meanwhile I have been taking black and white pictures on the Chinon, using my phone as the photometer. It takes some of the magic away, tbh, having to use the phone's camera to check the light, but it honestly seems to work well.

So in short, now after I've returned my dad's camera to him (returned my dad his camera? returned to my dad his camera? returned my dad's camera to its rightful owner? grammar why are you failing me?) I'll still have 2 cameras, both without a light meter. But I can use my phone as a light meter so that's ok.

Oh and today I noticed (I'm slow aight) that the chinon doesn't have the lever for the timer thing. But I don't have a tripod or anything so the kind of group photo where you'd normally use that for won't happen. I mean, honestly, I have never in my life used that function when taking pictures with my phone. Oh wait now I remember, I did use it once. Yeah. That one time, in berlin, with my flatmates, before we left the flat. Those were the times. Those are the feels.

27 october 2020

Today I got 2 more lenses I bought on ebay. Still missing the battery. Considering using my phone as a light sensor so that I don't need the photometer.

Also I swapped my laptop's 60GB SSD for a 120GB SSD. With both windows 10 and nixos on it, space was really constrained. I wanted to resize the ESP from 100MB to 200MB, but an error in... libparted? didn't let me, so I created that partition anew and copied the files over, but then the UUID changed, and I had to fix both nixos' and windows' bootloaders. I was chrooting into nixos from arch, but then I was like, uh, there's only /bin/sh, what do. https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Change_root gave me the solution: /nix/var/nix/profiles/system/activate and /run/current-system/sw/bin/bash. Then when fixing windows also made me google, because after assigning a letter I'd use to run bootrec, but that doesn't work anymore. Gotta run bcdboot C:\windows /s V: /f UEFI now. And after booting, delete the stale boot entry. Everything works though, now.

26 october 2020

Woke up to a couple emails from people joining the ring, it put a smile on my face :)

botany seedling turned into a pachypodium. Not an amazing plant, gotta say, but I hope it grows tall.

Turns out we have curfew here now past 22:00. I think it's the stupidest measure against covid ever. Walk around in a street full of people at 19:00? All good. Walk around alone in an empty street at 23:00? Fine from 300 to 6000€. I would get it if they fined people drinking in groups in the street or whatever, but just for being outside makes no sense whatsoever. I'm quite mad about that, govt is full of incompetent people. Schools still open, too (and that's probably the main source of infection).

I should set my timezone so that days end at 5:30AM or something. So that I don't write the nightly feels on the wrong day every time. Feels hacky though, changing the timezone. Maybe I should just edit the code.

I haven't done much today. Good sunday. My grandma called a couple times, worried about my cough. I love her but she can get annoying.

I played some league of legends, some valorant. Mostly lost. Gotta do some work tomorrow.

25 october 2020

Woke up to covid tests results! Negative! So I just have a good old cold or whatever. Nice.

Again, this is before going to sleep, so saturday night:

I found http://tilde.club/~parnell/ on the recently updated list and liked it.

Oh, and the new web ring is growing since I sent an email to the mailing list!

Still no covid test results zzzzzz.

24 october 2020

Wohoo I sent a mail to the mailing list using alpine, about the new webring. At first it didn't work, because I was not subscribed, but after I manually joined I re-sent the email. We have our 3rd user now, ~sneak!

Feels: happy.

Also still headache and cough and no covid test result and my left ear feels blocked.

Below here was still Friday night actually, it's just that it was past midnight so legally saturday.

Still coughing like I'm going to die BUT I'm happy because I made a new and improved webring. It uses PHP and needs no javascript from the client. Also, it has next and previous links, which the old webring didn't have (as well as random).

It's just ~deepend and I on it for now, but I hope we'll get more people on board soon.

I wrote the docs in markdown, because writing HTML by hand is fun but embedding HTML in HTML is just pain. Then when it came the time to convert to HTML, I used markdown_py. But then I wasn't happy so I tried pandoc. But the version of pandoc installed didn't parse my (at the time) javascript correctly, so I dropped a static binary with the latest pandoc. And then I didn't like the styles and I spent a while trying to fix that. So in the end it was more work to compile markdown than to write the actual PHP code doing the job. Ah well and when it came the time to share my work they made me realise the whole thing would be better if it was fully server side so that's when I removed the js.

23 october 2020

Ah feels feels.

So I guess this is the first post, which should appear on https://tilde.club/~cosarara/blog/.

About my feels... I haven't been feeling too well these days. Headache. Cough. Not sleeping well. Went to the doctor and had a covid test done yesterday.

It took some effort to join a tilde. First I had to pick one... then I tried to join tilde.town but they never answered. I asked on #helpdesk at the tilde.chat and it seems they aren't reading the applications much. So I applied to tilde.club on wednesday night, and today (friday) I woke up to my account creation notice.

I had some trouble finding where byobu decides to start weechat and alpine (which I wanted to disable, because I already have a weechat instance connected to the chat elsewhere, and I told the system to just forward my emails). It was in .byobu/.tmux.conf, hidden file in hidden dir. It's my first time running byobu. I'm not entirely sure I understand what it does better than tmux, but it hasn't gotten in the day.

public_html set up. So uhm it seems there's this webring thing going on but it's not actually a ring?
Just a snippet with Join buttons and then a link for a random page? hrm...

So, all set up on the tilde. I'm reading the wiki, and found out about tin. tin -n gives a getaddrinfo error, it seems something is broken. Then ttbp. This! Let's see what else I can find.

I bought a second hand manual analog camera a few days ago: A Chinon CS. Trying to get into analog photography, as a hobby. It came without the battery (for the photometer), or the lens, or the strap. For now I am using my dad's old camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, but I should stop as soon as I have the other one so that I won't break or lose my dad's (lots of sentimental value). The lens I got wednesday. This morning I got the strap. Only the battery is missing! It originally had a mercury battery, which isn't made anymore, so I had to buy a replacement which isn't too easy to find. It should arrive sometime between tomorrow and next wednesday. I'm excited to see if everything works once I actually load it with film and shoot.