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log 2: 2022 Undertakings

February 06, 2022 — ~gooey

After having recently released a new solo recording, Riverfawn I am reassessing what I want to complete by the end of 2022, or at least sometime in the near future.

Ravinia Bridges (due February 15th) will be a new composition for string quartet, alto saxophone, piano, bass, and drums. It must be 10 minutes long, and include a composer CV, program notes, and some form of recording.

Inker's Crying Again is the working title of a new quartet/quintet recording that will be produced with the help of a county grant. It will be ideally 7 or 8 tracks long, and recorded sometime in May, if all goes according to plan. I've written music with the group in mind-- myself on alto, MK on piano, MHJ on bass, and ES on drums-- but am willing to expand to a quintet with DP on vibraphone, DL on trumpet, EM on guitar, or JR on tenor. As of right now, the format of the record is as follows:

  1. Introduction (freely improvised) starting with solo saxophone.
  2. Bug Omen, ending with solo bass
  3. Pines Turn Their Backs, beginning from solo bass and ending with solo drums (maybe with added electronics or voice?)
  4. Blank Stare (and Not the Good Kind) starting with solo drums, ending with duo alto and piano
  5. Duo alto and piano freely improvised piece (title TBD)
  6. Freely Improvised piece (full group) starting with duo alto and piano, and ending with solo piano
  7. Last Written Piece (title TBD) ending with saxophone and drums
  8. Postlude solo saxophone and voice (MK)

Family Words is the working title of a Trio (perhaps quartet as the desired instrumentation becomes clear) recording inspired by Appalachian folk traditions, and various terms, names, and phrases that I frequently heard in my house growing up. As of right now, the options for intrumentation are: Alto, Banjo, Bass, Drums; Alto, Accoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums; or Alto, Banjo/AG, and piano. The working format of the record is as follows:

  1. Oy, If I Could Tell Ya
  2. Momma Bear Clause
  3. Dimension (Dimentia)
  4. Traveling Shit Show
  5. Odie, Odie, Odie
  6. It's Just No Good, That's All
  7. KONK!! Proppys Sop
  8. Trippy Loppies & Push-a-Doodies
  9. Obby Dunda
  10. Nun C'y (Everything's Broked)
More on this soon.

A new duo alto / bass recording is also in the works, but is still in the very beginning stages. That's all for now <3

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