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log 5: Lesson Notes and Practice Routine Revisited

March 09, 2022 — ~gooey

Sound (30 minutes)

  1. Low Db-Bb (tongue attack)
  2. Low Db-Bb (air attack)
  3. Low Db-Bb semitone lip down and back; whole step lip down and back
  4. Palm Key F - High C minor 3rd lip down and back
  5. Middle F - low F 30 second sound inception
  6. OVERTOOOONES Fundamental to overtone and back; Start on overtone and slur down; overtone scales (!)

Technique (2 hours)

  1. Rigby Technique Sheets! (Keep weighted fingers. Minimal, yet purposeful, swift movements.)
  2. Interval studies from JO'G book (print by chapter!) and Malaby Lesson 2 notes
  3. Reading Practice (Ducret, Bach, Mitchell, etc.)

Current Transcriptions

  1. Sonny Rollins - 3 Little Words - Live in Copenhagen (1968)
  2. Lee Konitz - What's New - Together Again (Bill Evans)
  3. Dewey Redman - Interconnection - Ear of the Behearer
  4. John O' Gallagher - Prime - Live in Brooklyn
  5. Matt Maneri - Gravitational Systems - Duos (Matthew Shipp)

Notes from Tony Malaby

  1. Practice ways to assimilate and replicate the sounds of other woodwinds/string instruments on classical recordings
  2. Practice in nature. Try to replicate sounds nontypical to woodwinds (percussive, metalic, etc.)
  3. Write out and learn how to improvise using limited intervals (b9,^7,b2 all from 2 notes!) thinking of such cells as building blocks that can build on, stray away from, or subvert harmonic context
  4. Exploding Triads exercise
  5. Closing and Opening symmetrical chromatic intervals in all octaves
  6. (WHILE IMPROVISING) Leave plenty of space, sometimes an uncomfortable amount, to take in sensory information and let your environment unfold around you. Let go of musical superego. While playing (and leaving space!!!) Listen and develop your own streams of sound to tap into. Keep these streams going in your mind, even when not playing your horn, while also taking in all information around you. This will help to maintain FOREWARD MOTION . KEEP IDEAS GOING FOR LONGER!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Next Steps: pick specific spots on recordings with interesting timbral concepts and articulation styles.
  8. Braxton live @ HAT HUT, Jimmy Lyons w/ Cecil Taylor, Marion Brown

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