09 october 2022

I hate GoLang, why am I even coming back to it? It's literally so horrible! There is no normal OOP system and no normal error checking! You have to use something like:

result, err := something.ExecuteSomething(parameters)
if terr != nil {
    // error handling

That's not great. How are there people still using this language? Is it meant to be so bad just so the developers at Google can learn it in one day and never bother again?

Another thing I really hate is DuckDuckGo. They claim that they "Don't track or sell your data" but their code isn't open source. How can they be trusted? Also their mobile app does not bother to block Microsoft trackers which kind of makes them look like they've been sponsored by M$. Not great either. As someone has said, "Use Google and not Google We Don't Track Or Sell Your Data 100% No Scam Edition". But what I did learn, is that they had a lite and an HTML version. These might be useful for Lynx and other text-based browsers.