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About Me

Hey Everybody!

I'm Ben Terry, going by the moniker "NeonAce" here on tilde.club. I'm from Carson City, Michigan and I work in I.T. at a hospital for a living. For entertainment I play role-playing games and enjoy playing music, mostly on guitar. My plan for my web space here is to just relish having it be a personal web page where I post things related to my interests and experiment a bit with using HTML. Even though I work in I.T., I don't have a lot of web coding experience and I'm totally a "Look up examples and copy them" level operator on that front. I look forward to checking out what everyone is doing.

Here are some other places where you can find me on the internet:

  • BenjaminTerry.com: My central home page, currently hosted on Neocities.
  • Dreamcloud Academy: A personal web server at home I have Nextcloud, MediaWiki, static web hosting and Gemini running though, shared with friends.
  • Street Fighter Paradise: My Neocities shrine to keeping the Street Fighter RPG by White Wolf alive!
  • Uzis, Capes & Katanas: A Blog dedicated to Modern Action Role Playing
  • My SpaceHey: My profile on SpaceHey, a MySpace clone kinda site. Fun!


If I wanna type up some articles that are more than just... web log type material, I'll organize them here.

I may want to read: How to ~tilde; a n00b's primer for help.