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As such, this page will be primarily for sharing MIDI files and general information on the associated modules, software and standards.

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Recommended Windows MIDI Player(s)

Recommended Mac OS 9 MIDI Player(s) Please note you may need to install FreeMidi for playback to work with certain sound modules (I had to do this in order to install the Roland 8820 USB drivers).

Recommended Linux MIDI Player(s)

Recommended Software Synths

If you don't have access to a hardware sound module/tone generator, another option is a software synth.

The below programs are abandonware:

By default, this software installs the 2MB wavetable files but you can make the driver load the 4MB wavetable files: If you want to go back to the 2MB wavetable, modify to "waveset=0" and reboot for the change to take effect.

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