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YourTilde.com offers services that are basically a social network inside SSH. There is chat, email, forums, games, and lots more.
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What’s New?

Ok back in action!


YourTilde is back and lots of great things planned.   Your accounts are as they were.  Everything should be functioning as expected.   Let us know if there is any issues in the #YourTilde  channel on IRC.

Happy Tilde-ing!

**New** Added ZNC Server.

May.3.2019 17:29

ZNC server is now available,  You can find the link in your member section on this website.  Here

Offering 2-factor authentication for SSH.

Mar.18.2019 16:56

2-factor using google authenticator is now an option for use with SSH.
SSH Keys are still required for first factor.   More information is available on our wiki.

Now offering MySQL database with account!

Jan.06.2019 09:59

As a way to enable more functionality for our users, we are now offering an included MySQL database with each account.    Any existing users can contact deepend to have your database created if you would like one.

TildeRadio!  –  Calling all DJ’s!  https://tilderadio.org

Oct.25.2018 00:57

In partner with Tilde.team we have created a Internet Radio station for the Tildeverse. There is plenty of slots open for DJ’s,

so please go on IRC in #tilderadio and let us know what time/day/type of show you would like to do 🙂

Existing Usernames converted to lowercase letters.

Sept.17.2018 00:21

To fix other issues I have decided to remove any uppercase letters from usernames.  If your having any issues due to this change please do contact deepend.

Ensure to login using all lowercase on your username or it may not work.


Degraded Tilde Services (FIXED)

Sept.06.2018 23:29

There has been issues with users logging in to the website https://yourtilde.com/   as well as the WIKI https://wiki.yourtilde.com/.

Those issues have now been dealt with and things should be operating normally.


YourTilde on the Tildeverse!

We have joined the Tildeverse IRC Network, which currently has tilde.team and tilde.town connected
as well.  For more information you can visit https://tilde.chat/